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gm project

Commissariat / Curated by : Anastasia Mityukova

10.03 - 10.06.2019
Vernissage le dimanche 10 mars de 15h à 18h30

Cour de l'Abbaye  5 - 4970 Stavelot

gm project evokes the life and times of George Montandon, Swiss-French doctor, anthropologist and explorer, born in Cortaillod in Switzerland on 19 April 1879, and deceased in August 1944, shot by the Resistance. Although supportive of the Bolshevik revolution and member of the Swiss Communist Party until 1920, he later became a theorist of scientific racism, inspirer of Céline, collaborator and anti-Semite.
Paintings, photographs and archival images are here presented as a subjective quest that mixes temporalities. How can we try today to understand this kind of trajectory? Are there elements that can help to clarify such a reversal?

Bernard Tullen,  huile sur toile, 50x40

The photographs on lead and the paintings that make up the first part of the exhibition come from the collection of impressions, traces, clues that originate along Lake Neuchâtel (Cortaillod and Colombier) where Montandon spent his childhood and his youth, presented as a psycho-geographic approach of sorts, in the sense Guy Debord defined it in the 1950s, namely "the study of the effects of the geographical environment, consciously arranged or not, acting directly on the emotions and the behaviour of individuals".
Initially local, the research quickly expanded through the careful study and use of photographs published by Montandon in his books to illustrate his travel stories. The report of a mission to the USSR, Deux ans chez Koltchak et chez les bolcheviks, published in 1923, lies at the origin of a series of cyanotypes, presented in the exhibition.
A series of 86 skulls, paintings on paper, under the header of "anthropometric examinations" made by Montandon during the war. Here, repetition is used to bring the abstraction of figures into the realm of the real, both through the slowness of the actual act of painting as by the size of the series presented on the wall.
Finally, a series of oils on canvas focuses on the question of eugenics, which underlies the whole of the work, and which is now discreetly present in biomedical practices favouring pocreation.

Bernard Tullen,  huile sur toile, 50x40

Cour de l'Abbaye  5 - 4970 Stavelot

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